SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla.— After years of debate, Florida voters will be able to weigh in on whether they want greyhound racing to continue throughout the state. 

  • Florida voters to decide on greyhound racing
  • FCRC approved an amendment on the Nov. ballot

On Monday, the Florida Constitution Revision Commission approved putting an amendment that would phase it out on the November ballot. 

A.J. Grant just returned from Tallahassee where he tried to stop the CRC from passing the amendment proposal.

“Because I think the average voter is going to be misinformed with the disingenuous comments that were made,” said Grant. “The voter doesn’t know what we do.”

Grant is a kennel owner.  His greyhounds race regularly at the Sanford Orlando Kennel Club in Longwood.  He says claims by greyhound racing critics that the dogs aren’t treated properly and are overworked aren’t true.

“This dog will run once a week for 31 seconds, four times a month,” said Grant.

Carla Wilson adopted a greyhound more than 20 years ago.  She has fought to end greyhound racing ever since.

“It opened our eyes and we realized we couldn’t find homes for all of the dogs,” said Wilson, the campaign manager for The Committee to Protect Dogs. “This is a major victory for everyone in the state who cares about dogs.”

Wilson believes voters will decide to do away with the industry.

“We feel voters will make the humane decision in November and vote yes for the dogs,” Wilson said.

Grant says his livelihood hangs in the balance.

“It basically puts me out of business and this is all I’ve done for 35 years,” he said. “And there’s a lot of people in this industry that will be unemployed.”

“We have empathy for the vote and how it will affect people’s jobs, but the Florida economy should not be based on the cruelty to dogs,” Wilson said.

If Florida voters approve the constitutional amendment in November—which would require 60 percent voting “yes” to it—greyhound racing would be phased out statewide by 2020.​