A man was killed Sunday morning after two tractor-trailers collided on Interstate 95 in Brevard County, closing the highway for several hours.

  • Driver killed in crash involving 2 tractor-trailers
  • A semi collided into the rear of another semi
  • 1 truck caught fire; driver killed at the scene

The crash happened at about 4 a.m. near mile marker 223 in Titusville, according to the Florida Highway Patrol. The highway reopened at about 1 p.m., but the cleanup process is expected to last days after the roadway sustained damage.

The two semis were northbound on I-95 when one slowed down and the other didn't. The one semi then slammed into the back of the other truck and caught on fire.

The driver of the semi that rear-ended the other tractor-trailer was killed at the scene. No identification has been made because of the fire that followed the crash, trooper said.

The driver of the other semi, 43-year-old Lawrence Lee, sustained minor injuries and was transported to an area hospital.

About 100 gallons of diesel was spilled onto the highway.

"It was contained to a small area; however, because it stayed on the asphalt for an extended period of time, it did cause damage to the roadway," said Lt. Channing Taylor, with the Florida Highway Patrol.

Crews reopened one lane by about noon and then all lanes an hour later after a temporary fix. A permanent fix will be completed in the coming days.

Crews used a cold patch solution to soak up the fuel and contain the spill.

"(The) Florida Department of Transportation is going to execute an emergency contract with the pavers to do a more permanent solution," Taylor said. "They'll have to come out next week and repave it."

Crews are expected to work during the overnight hours so there's a minimal impact on traffic in the area.