More than 10,000 people have joined Florida's Medical Marijuana Registry in the last month and a half, a period that saw a medical marijuana expansion law passed, signed by Gov. Scott and implemented by the Florida Dept. of Health.

  • 26,968 people on Florida's medical marijuana registry
  • More than 10,000 joined since June 7
  • Number of entries important for licensing centers
  • READ: Florida Medical Marijuana Law (.PDF)

In the latest update by the Office of Medical Marijuana Use on July 27, the patient count for the drug was 26,968.

That's up over 10,000 from the update on June 7, when the office reported 16,760 patients. June 7 is the day the Florida Legislature convened a special session, which included a bill to expand medical marijuana in Florida.

The June 7 report was also the first time the state made public the number of people registered for medical marijuana use.

The number of patients is important. There are currently seven medical marijuana treatment centers in the state, with a few more to be licensed in the next few months. When the registry hits 100,000 patients, the state will license up to 4 additional MMTCs, with four more allowed every time the state adds another 100,000 patients.

The state's medical marijuana expansion law was based off Amendment 2, which was overwhelmingly approved by voters in November 2016.