A man has been charged with stalking "Underworld" star Kate Beckinsale at the Tampa Bay Comic Con on Saturday, according to the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office arrest report.

Iowa resident Terry Lee Repp is accused of stalking the 44-year-old Beckinsale and threatened to stab the actress in the past, according to the arrest report.

Repp, 45, has also been accused of stalking Beckinsale in Texas and Utah in the past, officials stated. At a Salt Lake City event last year, he touched her back and threatened to stab her with a knife, the arrest report stated. Later that same year in Houston he ran into her again before being detained by the Houston Police Department.

"The defendant appears to have an irrational obsession with the victim and has traveled across the country in an effort to harass her," the police report stated. "The defendant's actions have caused the victim substantial emotional distress and caused her to fear for her safety." 

The British actress, who is one of the high-profile guests at comic con, stayed at the Tampa event Saturday and greeted fans after Repp was arrested.

Repp has a $500 bond for the Tampa Bay incident, according to officials.