Flagler County is taking its airport to new heights, with upgrades currently in the works.

  • Flagler County Airport in the midst of major upgrades
  • The project is expected to cost about $17 million overall

"It's 100 feet wide, so that's basically like an eight-lane highway is what we're building out here," Airport Director Roy Sieger said.

Sieger showed reporters new groundwork of the Flagler County Airport Tuesday morning.

"We're standing right now on the brand new runway," Sieger said. "This is the first two inches of it they've paved. Right now they have 1,800 feet of it paved."

More than 130 days after crews got to work at the airport's groundbreaking, the runway is on its way to becoming a 5,500-foot stretch for business and recreational flights and even for pilots in training.

Now with brand new runway lighting, a stormwater system and a new taxi way, Sieger said the airport will be much better and safer. 

The project encompasses about 183 acres of property.

"It's just going to make the airport more efficient for those utilizing the airport," Sieger said.

Sieger said the other phase of the project will be to rebuild the general aviation airport terminal where they plan to bring in additional businesses, like rental car services and flight school training.

Residents said they support the changes.

"I see they're making some improvements, and in my opinion it's always a good idea to make infrastructure upgrades. And I'm happy to see that it's happening," said Angela Powers.

"It's about what this is actually going to do, how it brings the airport to the next level, and makes the airport much more attractive for other businesses to come build and be apart of our community," said Sieger.

Sieger said the goal is to have every part of the project done within the next three years.

The project is expected to cost about $17 million overall. But Sieger believes the work could be done ahead of schedule and under budget.

The airport has also accomplished other new projects, including adding a new road "Flagler Executive Drive." Mosquito control also has a new building on site. Air national guard is also building near the site as well.