Attorney John Morgan may sue the state over the Florida Legislature's bill expanding the use of medical marijuana.

  • Florida Legislature approved medical marijuana expansion, not smoking
  • Amendment 2 allowed smoking of medical marijuana, but not in public places
  • Attorney John Morgan says he may sue over that decision

State lawmakers did not approve smoking as a method of consuming the drug.

Morgan, one of the main backers of Amendment 2, points out the amendment approved by voters allowed patients to smoke medical marijuana -- just not in public.

So lawmakers did not follow the letter of the measure.

"That's wrong, I'll go back and fix that," Morgan said. "It's in my amendment four separate ways. They got into the purvue of medical use, which they're not allowed to do. And so I will win on that issue, but it's going to take me a little bit more time."

Morgan says there are some positives to the bill, like allowing growers to grow, dispensaries to open and allow patients to get some relief.

The full interview with Morgan will air Wednesday on News 13.