In a tweet storm Saturday, attorney John Morgan called on Gov. Rick Scott to open a special session on medical marijuana.

He also attacked the head of United for Care, the main organization behind Amendment 2.

Republican leaders in the Florida House and Senate failed to come up with a bill to implement medical marijuana expansion in Florida during the regular legislative session. 

As a result, implementation of Amendment 2, which was approved by 71 percent of Florida voters last November, falls to the Florida Dept. of Health.

But medical marijuana advocates do not trust the department to write adequate rules that follow the spirit of the amendment, especially since the department's leaders are appointed by Gov. Scott, who is not in favor of medical marijuana.

Morgan also attacked Ben Pollara, the head of United for Care, the main group that pushed for Amendment 2.

Pollara openly supported the Senate's bill which limited the number of dispensaries each grower could open.

The issue became divisive as Morgan supported no caps on dispensaries, which was the House bill. The issue brought the bill down.

Morgan accused Pollara of selling out and hurting a bill's passage, forcing Pollara to defend himself.

Neither the Dept. of Health, nor Gov. Scott's office have said what will happen next with the bill.