Three-month-old Tristan was born with Down syndrome.

  • 17-year-old Faith Christina Duncan creates quilts for babies with Down syndrome
  • Faith Christina has the condition herself, but stiches to inspire

His mother Paige McMillen said, “He was hooked up to all these machines and we didn’t know how long he would be there so that little gift basket meant the world to us.”

It was a blanket created by 17-year-old Faith Christina Duncan that is covering moms like McMillen with confidence for their babies’ future. Faith Christina has Down syndrome herself, but that does not stop her from making quilts and sewing other crafts.

“I love sewing, embroidering,” she said.

This is one of the quilts that 17-year-old Faith Christina Duncan has created. (News 13)

She donates the quilts she makes to the Down Syndrome Association of Central Florida, which makes sure they reach the hands of families who are just learning about the genetic disorder.

“If Faith Christina can make this quilt, Tristan can do whatever he wants when he grows up,” McMillen said.

Faith Christina also sells the blankets online. With every design, she hopes to shine a little light on Down syndrome. Piece by piece, Faith Christina hopes to continue stitching inspiration into families just like hers.

“I like seeing the parent's faces and the reaction they get towards the care packages and the blankets that are given,” she explained. “Life can be hectic sometimes, but just get through it. You can do it.”

Faith Christina hopes to one day get her quilts into stores or perhaps have her own quilting boutique.

For more information on how you can get a quilt and support her mission, check out her website: