Two students from a Palm Bay high school were sent to the hospital after police say they ate pot brownies at a baseball game. Police arrested a father they say gave his daughter the brownies to sell.

  • 5 arrested, including father and daughter
  • Police say Robert Johnson made pot brownies, gave them to daughter to sell
  • 2 teens bought brownies, had to be hospitalized

Police say 38-year-old Robert Johnson made the pot brownies at home, then gave them to his teenaged daughter to sell.

Police say the students bought them from the Bayside High student at a baseball game last Thursday at Heritage High School.

After eating the brownies, one of them became unresponsive and was rushed to the hospital. The other was taken there by his parents.

Police say they discovered Johnson was growing, cooking and packing the brownies, and using other students at both high schools to distribute the pot.

Johnson, his daughter and five students were arrested in the case.

Police say they found a dozen pot plants in the climate controlled garage, plus hundreds of grams of dried cannabis and edibles.

Neighbors said they knew something was going on there.

"That ain't for kids, heck, there's other ways to make a living," neighbor Carlton Hayes said.

Nick Haskell has a 17-year-old attending Heritage High. After hearing the two teens got sick from eating marijuana-laced brownies, he's appalled.

"You protect your children. You don't use them as bait to commit your own crimes," he said. "Using them to pass it out to other children is not OK."

The kids who ate the brownies are OK.

Robert Johnson faces a host of drug charges, including delivery of a controlled substance to a minor.

No word on the fate of the students involved, as it's Spring Break this week for the Brevard County school system.