A 10-year-old girl is being airlifted to Arnold Palmer Hospital in Orlando after being bitten by a "unknown, toothy sea creature."

  • Child bitten off Melbourne Beach
  • Bite indicative of shark, but no evidence of shark in the water
  • Similar incident involving a woman
  • Beaches temporarily cleared

Brevard County Fire Rescue reports the child was bitten while in the water off Melbourne Beach.

She suffered a 6-inch bite on her left calf. A spokesperson said the bite is indicative of a shark, but there were no witnesses and are referring to it as a "unknown, toothy sea creature."

The beach was cleared until officials could make sure there was no evidence of sharks in the water.

This was the second incident Monday afternoon.

A woman was swimming off Ocean Avenue and Melbourne Beach when she suffered a bite on her left hand. Again, no witnesses but the bite was indicative of a shark.

She refused transportation to a hospital and the beach was temporarily cleared.

Brevard County says Cocoa Beach was also cleared at the pier and at Shepard Park earlier in the day, but did not say that was related to a shark sighting.