Markeith Loyd, accused in the slaying of an Orlando Police officer, has sent a hand-written letter to the Orange County Clerk's office making demands and threatening his defense attorney.

The letter written by Loyd is addressed to Orange Clerk Tiffany Moore Russell.

On a single sheet of notebook paper, he asks to see transcripts from his status hearings and wants to see a copy of every motion filed against him by defense attorney Roger Weeden.

Loyd writes: "I am the master of my own defense and supposed to and should know everything that is being filed in the defense before it is turned in."

Loyd adds that he doesn't trust "the system" or its attorneys.

He then writes, "If any defense attorney think they can go file things in my name without me knowing gonna find themselves jumped on."

Loyd is awaiting trial in the murder of his pregnant ex-girlfriend, Sade Dixon, and Orlando Police Lt. Debra Clayton. He has been uncooperative since his arrest in December 2016. At times, he has spoken out and cursed in court and refused to attend some of his hearings.

The Clerk of Courts office responded to Loyd's request, advising him he must pay a total of $16 for the documents he requested.