Another big change is happening on Interstate 4 for Friday morning. This will impact those who travel east towards the tourist district.

Instead of exiting onto Kirkman Road to the left lane, drivers will now going to exit on the right.

"A traffic shift of eastbound Interstate 4 (I-4) between Sand Lake Road (S.R. 482) and Grand National Drive opens the morning of Friday, December 22, allowing motorists to exit I-4 to northbound Kirkman Road (S.R. 435) on the right, not the left," described the I-4 Ultimate website.

As a driver approaches the exit from Sand Lake Road, they are going to want to slow down, use their turn signal and then enter the construction zone from the left lane.

Watch out for construction workers too.

The change is due to construction for the I-4 Ultimate Project.

"You see that left exit to Kirkman over there. Right now on the mainline traffic is going to have to make that left to Kirkman. What's going to happen is, it's going to become a right exit," explained Dave Parks, I-4 Ultimate Public Information officer."

I-4 at Kirkman Road has seen several changes throughout the year.

Back in March, a new Kirkman Road bridge opened over I-4.

The map of the traffic lane shift