When it comes to doing homework, a Celebration teenager wants to help other students without access to internet get connected.

  • Teen wants to help students without internet get connected
  • Jake Allen has created a "Homework Bus"
  • It has 8 work stations and is internet-equipped

Jake Allen, 18, has taken it upon himself to introduce an innovative solution on wheels.

Allen doesn’t even know how to drive but he’s behind the wheel of some big plans.

“There’s 2000 kids​ living in motels across the Highway 192, and they don’t really have internet access or computers, and they’re living in very small rooms with their whole families,” Allen said.   

He set up a non-profit and raised enough money to create what he calls the Homework Bus.

Starting February 2018, the black and white bus will be parked outside of hotels and motels along U.S. 192.

Allen gave Spectrum News 13 a tour of the bus.

“So there’s an antenna on top of the bus and that will be for the internet,” he said. “We [also] have the laser printer cause a lot of the kids don’t have computers, they don't have printers.”

The bus is meant to help children with their homework. Allen and his brothers plan to offer tutoring as well.

“They’re living in a single room motel with their family, and they don't have a lot of food or a lot of money," Allen said. "I think education is a great thing to bridge the gap between it. Whether you’re wealthy or whether you’re poor, it can give you a great start to life.”

Allen found the shuttle bus on Craigslist and reached out to investors and sponsors who helped him acquire the technology inside.

His mother is an interior designer helped with the actual layout. Allen said it’s been a work-in-progress for about a year.

Allen said his dream is that for every yellow school bus that is seen picking up and dropping off students at motels, there is a black and white one waiting for them to help finish their day.

“Technology is relatively new, so to use it to change how we think about education and how it works, I think that would be a great thing to do,” Allen said.   

The pilot bus has eight work stations, but the big goal is to create more buses with more space for these homeless kids.

Allen is looking for people to volunteer as tutors as he intends to put out more buses.

For more information on how you can help, visit homeworkbus.com.