A Lake County town is getting help from county officials after Hurricane Irma left several businesses and homes flooded. 

  • Astor has seen 60-90 days of flooding
  • The flooding has hurt businesses that rely on St. Johns River
  • Lake County offering help for those businesses

Officials say the town of Astor has seen 60 to 90 days of flooding. Astor's economy is based on the St. Johns River.

Leilani Hutchinson owns Astor's Floridian Inn. ​She says the river started to go down but then came back up.

She says her backyard has been flooded for about 8 weeks. And because of the flooding, boat ramps have been closed since last week, so many boaters couldn't launch a boat. 

Hutchinson says she hasn't had any business since the beginning of September. 

"This time last year we were packed out for the weekend. We get this nice weather, this is beautiful boating weather, people want to be out here and enjoy it. And we have lost a significant amount of that business," said Hutchinson. 

Hutchinson re-opened this week and officials say the river is no longer in a flood stage. 

Lake County officials say they're meeting with business owners to help. 

"We're going to be doing as much advertising and marketing as we can for them to drive folks to the area, to say, 'Hey this is an important piece of Lake County economy,'" said Robert chandler, the county's Economic Growth Director​. 

County officials also say they'll be offering a grant program to individual businesses for extra advertising.