On Nov. 7, voters in Longwood elected three new city commissioners, including two challengers to incumbent commissioners. 

One of those new city leaders is former WWE wrestler Matt Morgan.

  • Matt Morgan won Longwood District 4 Commission seat
  • Wants to raise police pay, help fire department
  • Unseated incumbent Mark Weller
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At seven feet tall, 300-plus pounds, Morgan became famous as one of wrestling’s most menacing figures. Now, Morgan turns his attention towards a different fight.

“I want to hit the ground running,” said Morgan.

Morgan is so tall, he had to duck under the doorway to get into Longwood City Hall to sign paperwork following his election victory.  He says he entered the political ring after his neighbors urged him to run for several years.

“All of these people in our city for the last five years have been writing me messages, leaving index cards in my mailbox, Post-It notes on my garage door, my front door, about me running for commission one day,” said Morgan.

Morgan retired from wrestling a few years ago when his son was born. He now sells medical equipment.

“What I needed to do then was find a nine-to-five job where I could still take my kid to daycare and pick him up, be a dad,” said Morgan.

Morgan says there are too many vacancies at the Longwood Police Department.  He wants to get police officers more pay. 

He also wants to help firefighters who’ve had to deal with flooding at their firehouse for months.

“They shouldn’t have to be worrying about fiddling with sandbags,” said Morgan. “It’s an embarrassment and it’s a slap in their face.”

Morgan says he’ll then focus on getting businesses back to Longwood. He says several business owners were at his victory party.

“Five of them want to bring their businesses back just because of this victory and because what it means to our city,” said Morgan.

Morgan says he won’t forget why he ran for office and who he’s fighting for now.

“If it’s not what’s best for Longwood as a whole, it’s not going to fly with me, because my job is to represent the masses,” said Morgan.

Morgan will be sworn in as a Longwood City Commissioner on Monday, Nov. 13 at 5 p.m.

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