A north Brevard County charity for disadvantaged children is still under water and needs help to get back to helping the community.

  • Most of North Brevard Arts in the Garden still flooded
  • Water coming from surrounding properties
  • Titusville says the charity needs its own pump to get the water out

The North Brevard Arts in the Garden in Titusville has hosted thousands of kids over the past 14 years. The group holds summer camps, has a vegetable garden and hosts all kinds of activities on the grounds.

But most of their four acre property remains flooded, weeks after Hurricane Irma and the storms that followed.

In some spots, the flooding on the Rock Put Road property is up to seven feet deep.

The storms also water logged much of the school supplies donated by the community. This is the fourth time the property has flooded, but this is by far the worst.

Owner Maxine Trainer says she has tried to get the city to help with the drainage issues.

Over the past several weeks, much of the water from surrounding properties has flowed onto their low lying land.

"All I want is for them to do the right thing," said Trainer. "And let's work this out, for everybody, especially the kids. Let's make this right."


We spoke to Titusville public works Tuesday morning, and we are told they made minor repairs to build up the drainage system on nearby Tropic Street back in 2014.

The city has also cleaned out ditches and inlets, but with all the rain this area has received, the system is overtaxed.

We're told since this is private property, the city can only assist if the charity gets their own pump, and workers can then tie it to the city's drainage system.

If you would like to help the garden, you can check out the North Brevard Arts in the Garden Facebook page, or called Trainer at 321-652-6363.