Dozens of emergency responders are learning new life saving skills in Flagler County to be prepared for victims in a mass shooter situation.

  • Flagler County emergency responders in training session
  • Prepares 1st responders for mass shooter situation

Paul Bovino has never responded to a mass shooter situation, but he's getting the right training so he will know how to care for victims.

"I think the potential is everywhere everyday that we live in this country," said Commander Paul Bovino.

Bovino is one of more than 30 firefighters and law enforcement officers who came together from several counties for tactical casualty training.

Flagler County, Daytona Beach, St. Johns County, Clay County and Tampa emergency responders all attended the day course.

The training teaches them how to control bleeding and forms a more unified response during those tragic incidents.

"The time it's taking for them to reach critical care is too long and people are dying because of that," said Bovino.

The course was about seven hours of real life situations, which included fake bleeding victims with gun shot wounds.

The instructors showed reporters how to stop a person from bleeding and administer care as well.

"You're going to take this end and you're going to pack it into this bleed, you're going to continue to pack. These are the scenes we see on the news every week, unfortunately," said Justin Parrinello, TEMS training director.

The instructors used real life equipment to present those real life situations and it teaches them how to better respond to folks during an active shooter situation.

"It's going to get us closer to the scene with those law enforcement agencies and getting to the victims sooner," said Don Petito, Flagler County Chief.

Bovino said that goal can only be accomplished by putting what they're learning in the classroom to the test in the field.

"Protect and serve that's what we're supposed to do," said Bovino.