Mark Brevard County as the location of another reported scary clown sighting.

Kelly Reynolds of Palm Bay was on a Sunday evening stroll with her dog, Brindle — part of a route that takes them by her neighborhood park a block away on Shenandoah Road.

Something spooked the dog, and Reynolds turned to look.

"She stopped and started growling," Reynolds said. "They were standing right back there (pointing), two of them, staring at me."

Two people dressed like clowns — peering over from a wooded area near a fence — which someone had cut a hole through to get inside the park.

"They had, like, hobo clothes on, with white makeup and blood on it. A skull cap and gloves with the fingers sticking out," she said.

Reynolds dropped the leash and told her dog to run away with her.

She got back home and called police.

Even more concerning: At any given time, the park is full of children.

"They come after school and play, and now you can't trust anything," Reynolds said.

This is the only reported clown sighting in Palm Bay, but there are other sightings in seven states around the country.

Police in those areas are warning of possible sexual predators posing as clowns to lure kids.

"They are deranged," Reynolds said.

Palm Bay Police say they aren't looking at charges as of yet. Anyone who sees anything suspicious is asked to report it.