The Flagler Beach community is trying to prevent litter bugs by putting in new trash bag holders.

  • Blue Tubes installed in Flagler Beach
  • Hold shopping bags so beach goers can pick up their trash
  • Flagler Beach is trying to get more installed

Cleaning up nasty trash at Flagler Beach is routine for Danielle Anderson, who is the president of the group Friends of A1A.

"It makes me more sad. It just shows me that (some people) don't have an appreciation for the beach and nature," Anderson said.

But now, a newly installed blue trash bag holder could encourage beach goers to clean up.

Anderson said having a bag readily available to put the trash in a great idea.

"I think it's an amazing project," she said.

A Flagler County couple sponsored the first Blue Tube, which was installed on South 23rd Street at the beach.

The concept behind the Blue Tube is simple: The container is filled with grocery shopping bags for people to put their garbage in.

Commissioner Kim Carney helped pushed for the tubes.

"This will give people an opportunity that if they didn't bring a bag with them when they're visiting the beach, to take one and clean up after themselves," Carney said.

The city said there are 51 crossovers in Flagler Beach. So far, only one of the Blue Tubes have been installed. Officials are looking for more sponsors.

"As they're sponsored, they will be put up, and the city will have a website location listing where these Blue Tubes are," Carney said.

A map shows all the counties where beaches currently have Blue Tubes, which includes Flagler, Volusia and Brevard counties.

Anderson said she has faith the $125 fix will help keep her community clean.

"We're all looking forward to getting out and using these and seeing more among A1A scenic highway," Anderson said.

The community can also donate bags for the tubes. To sponsor a Blue Tube, head to the website.