Late Wednesday night, the DeBary city council determined that Mayor Clint Johnson violated the city charter and, subsequently, voted him out of office.

After testimony was presented to the DeBary city council, members found that Johnson violated the charter eight different times.

Johnson said he was disappointed with the council's actions.

“They’re going to throw me out on eight frivolous charges on no grounds whatsoever. I couldn’t be more disappointed in the leadership of this city. And to me it’s just a perfect capstone to two years of fake controversies and silly disputes that have cost the city money and reputation. And it’ll take a long time to recover from this. And I just feel bad for the residents to be honest with you," Johnson told the press after the council reached it decision.  

He was also tweeted this:

Johnson was accused of sending text messages and tweets to give orders to city employees, even dictating the removal of a staff member.

But Ron McLemore, the interim city manager, said the mayor cannot order city staff around and certainly cannot fire them.

Vice Mayor Lita Handy-Peters will now take on the title of acting mayor, said McLemore.

Johnson has vowed that he will run for office again.