George Carter lives and owns a business in Bunnell. He knows life is tough for many families in the community.

  • Bunnell to build 2 new parks with state grant money
  • Residents hope the parks keep children out of trouble
  • 1 park will be at South Pine Street and East Booe Street

"You have a lot of single parents (who) got kids with no father in their lives (and) no kind of guidance," Carter said Monday. "I have seen a lot of activities first with the drugs."

Carter said it's a reality for residents who live on Booe Street, where children have no place to play.

But building new parks with state grant money could turn things around for children and families.

"Putting a park here is a sign of initiation of doing something," he said. "I think it's great."

The $50,000 grant will go toward a park at the intersection of South Pine Street and East Booe Street. It will include a tricycle trail, a playground and game tables for adults.

Dan Davis, the Bunnell city manager, said the lot where the park will eventually be built is often filled with trash, including empty beer cans, after a typical weekend. Once the fence for the park is erected, Davis hopes the area will be able to stay clean.

"The kids are our future, and we need to do everything we can to provide them a place (with) a safe environment where they can have some clean, safe fun," Davis said. "It's a burden for us to have to constantly pick up the trash."

People from the Open Door Christian re-entry and recovery facility across the street from the park site hope it will push the trash — and drug activity — out of the area.

"All of those things are helpful into changing the complexion of the community," said Michael Feldbauer, director and volunteer at Open Door.

The city of Bunnell will be presented with a check at its Aug. 22 meeting. The next step is to find a contractor to build the park.

Meanwhile, Carter hopes the park is the first step to a safer home.

"It can drive out all that, and I'll be glad to see that," he said.