The Marion County Sheriff’s Office released video that shows the former Marion County Sheriff was allegedly lying while under oath.

  • 2014 video shows Dustin Heathman with injuries passing by former sheriff
  • Sheriff Chris Blair was indicted and suspended Friday
  • Chief Deputy Fred LaTorre to retire in June

The 2014 video shows suspect Dustin Heathman handcuffed in his underwear, being escorted by two deputies with apparent injuries to his face.

You see Heathman and the deputies walk up to a vehicle where former Marion County Sheriff Chris Blair is standing. The video shows Blair stepping back to let Heathman and the deputies pass by to get to the back of that vehicle.

The Grand Jury investigated the conduct of deputies for using excessive force in making arrests. Blair was subpoenaed to testify. While testifying, Blair said he never saw Heathman's face and only saw the back of him.

On Friday, Blair was arrested and indicted for two counts of perjury and official misconduct.

A day later, Interim Marion County Sheriff Emery Gainey suspended two Marion County Sheriff’s Office Majors and placed them on administrative leave. 

The Sheriff's Office also said Tuesday that Chief Deputy Fred LaTorre is retiring in June.