This is even a bit bizarre for Florida's standards.

  • Alligator foot found in dashboard of pickup truck
  • Driver was cited for illegally hunting an alligator

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officers recently stopped a pickup truck in the Corbett Wildlife Management Area, which is near Loxahatchee in South Florida.

The two officers noticed something unusual: An alligator foot was stuffed into the dashboard of the truck, and alligator parts were scattered throughout the cab of the pickup truck, according a post on the agency's Facebook page.

The driver stated the parts were from an alligator he hunted a few years ago, but the officers stated they could smell that the alligator had been recently taken.

The man eventually confessed to killing the alligator just a few days ago without a permit. He was cited for the violation.

Fish and Wildlife officials remind Florida hunters that a statewide alligator hunt permit is required to participate in the statewide harvest program.

Alligator hunting is only legal in Florida from Aug. 15 to Nov. 1.