A Leesburg woman is dead after police say she was mauled to death by her own dog.  

It happened around 4:53 p.m. Thursday, March 31, at a home on South Street. Family members say 66-year-old Sonda Dyan Tyson lived alone with her four dogs, including a 100 lb. bullmastiff pit mix named 'Hercules.' 

Tyson's daughter-in law says she called 911 after her 13-year-old daughter found Tyson lying on the back porch with bites all over her arm. When police arrived at the home, they say they attempted to barricade the dog away from the victim and retreated from the home.

"They then discovered a large breed dog inside, covered in blood and likely the reason for the injuries to the victim," a Leesburg police report states.

The report states "that a large breed dog had likely just attacked and killed the woman" inside the home. The dog in question was covered in blood and wouldn't allow medical personnel to re-enter the home to investigate the woman's death, the report states.

Officers at the scene determined it was "immediately necessary" to incapacitate the dog "in order to provide public safety and to allow medical personnel inside the location." Police say two officers shot and killed the dog. 

Sonda Tyson was found dead Thursday. Investigators say she was mauled by one of her dogs.

Family members say Tyson's son, who lives next door, found the dog when he was a puppy and gave the dog to his mom for protection. A reason for the attack hasn't been determined.

Preliminary results from the Medical Examiner's Office indicate the woman died because of blood loss that resulted from the mauling. The Health Department took custody of the deceased dog for a necropsy, which hasn't been performed yet.

According to police, the woman suffered "significant damage" to both of her arms.

Family members said the dog was never aggressive before.