The city of Palm Coast introduced plans Tuesday it said will help protect students from getting hit by vehicles. 

Gretchen Smith's two children rode the school buses here in Palm coast for 9 years. She said she knows what it's like to be concerned about your children once you drop them off at the bus stop. 

“I'm thankful that we had 9 years without incidents and I know that it's pretty scary for parents,” Smith. 

But it's been a scary reality for parents who have heard the horror stories of children getting hit by cars.  

“Unfortunately we've had a particularly bad year,” said Council member Jason Delorenzo.

 The Flagler county school district said five students have been hit this year, including one killed, while going to or from school.

The city says more than 5,000 students ride a bus to school.

On Tuesday, council members decided to put a pilot plan in place to install concrete bus stop pads where students will be able to stand.

“When there's no place to stand, they tend to roam around, run around, jump and play like kids do,” said Delorenzo. But if we can just get them off the street, that adds a level of protection.”

The city will start with three bus stop pads at cost of between $800-$900 each. It also plans to add additional signs so drivers know it's a bus stop and won’t park their cars near it. 

Council members and Smith said it may not solve all the problems but it’s a way to start.

“Anything we can do to improve kids’ safety is a good thing in my book,” said Smith.  

Delorenzo said construction management meets Wednesday and work can begin as early as the end of the month.

The city said it will also look at relocating bus stops and reducing student size at bus stops to help the problem as well.