Organizations across Orange, Seminole and Osceola counties are coming together for a day of service with the goal of helping the poor become self-sustainable.

Three years ago, Ricardo Ortiz moved to a motel with his family. He never thought it would be for this long.

“For a small place like this. It’s not cheap, it’s not cheap,” he said.

Ortiz now has one thing to look forward to, it’s called He Got Up, a resource fair for those in need taking place on Easter Sunday at the Citrus Bowl.

Orlando Serve Foundation is behind the initiative, along with other local organizations.

“We’re all a different piece to a bigger puzzle," said Danna Camacho, House Of Every Nation pastor. "And bringing it together is just the unity that needs to happen, not only within the church, it needs to happen within the community, within the government.”

Volunteers spread the word about He Got Up and registered people for the event in advance. On March 27, there will be a number of opportunities like on-site hiring, legal services and haircuts.

“It gives me an open door to expand my talent, my skills and at least help me get a job. At least motivation to keep going,” said Ortiz.

Star Motel at Lakeside on US 192 is one of the locations where buses will swing by and pick people up to take them to the Citrus Bowl.

“So He Got Up is the reality that Christ rose from the dead to lift us up, to lift us out of our spiritual place of darkness and separation from God," said Orlando Serve Foundation president Tim Johnson.  "But he didn’t just lift us up so that we can feel good about ourselves. It’s so that we can lift others up in his name.”

Ortiz signed up for free transportation to the event in hopes that this will be his ride to change.

“God gives me the strength to keep going and push forward,” he said.

For more information on the event and pick up locations, go to the Orlando Serve Foundation's website.