After 5 years of discussion, students in Volusia County will have to wear uniforms next year.

The Volusia School board passed the uniform policy on Tuesday, 4 to 1.

All Volusia students are impacted.

The new uniforms will require:

  • White polo or Oxford-style button down shirts.
  • Students can also wear long pants, shorts, capris, skirts, skorts or jumpers in navy blue, black or khaki.
  • Blue or black denim long pants are also acceptable.
  • Clothing can have a small logo and school principals can designate two other school colors for the collared shirt.
  • Students must also wear closed toe and heel shoes.
  • High school students can wear sandals as long as it does not “interfere with the safety and welfare of the student.”

The school uniform debate has been a heated topic in Volusia County for years, with a contentious school board meeting on the subject just this past January. It’s a policy that has divided parents and even school board members.