Belle Terre is one of the busiest roads in Palm Coast. Drivers John and Joyce Armour use it daily to get where they need to go.

"That's where we saw 20 cars trying to make a turn the other day," said Joyce Armour. 

Drivers said it's no secret that the city of Palm Coast is growing.

"There are a lot more cars, a lot more traffic," said Armour. 

But a new study on Belle Terre Parkway and Belle Terre Boulevard shows a major need for improvement.

On Tuesday, city council members got a harsh look at the crash numbers.

"Pretty gruesome, but I didn't realize there were that many of them,” said Councilman Bill McGuire. “There should be a lot of attention on Belle Terre. You've got schools there, you've got churches, you've got entrances to shopping areas."  

The study found that the intersection at Belle Terre Parkway and State Road 100 had 50 crashes within the last three years, which was the highest number in the city. But most drivers in the city use that area.

The study found at least six fatalities occurred along the stretch within 2012-2015 out of nearly 300 crashes. 

Of those, 41 percent were rear-end collisions and more than 55 percent of people involved had serious or minor injuries.

The city plans to fix the issue with new improvements, including signs, additional turning lanes, signals and more marked crosswalks. 

"It changes too fast. You can't get across there in time. There are a lot of older people in Palm Coast that need a little bit more time. Any improvement is great," said Armour. 

The city will be working with the Florida Department of Transportation to address the current problems.

According to the study, the improvements to entire corridor would cost nearly $2 million.