Skate parks across Central Florida are a popular place for teenagers to hang out. 

In Casselberry, however, the push to get a skate park is dragging on. The city has hired a consultant to create a parks plan that could take up to 6 months to complete.

Danny Miles says if skateboarding has taught him anything, it’s the importance of persistence.

“I’ve tried for hours to land one specific trick,” said Miles. “That’s the thing; if we fail we get up and do it again.”

Miles says he’s just as determined to get a skate park built in Casselberry. He says skaters in every community need somewhere nearby where they can stay busy perfecting their skateboarding moves, and stay out of trouble.

“Your friends are saying let’s go do this, and you say no I was trying this trick yesterday and I really want to go get it today,” said Miles.

“That mindset of wanting to progress has kept me out of trouble.”

The group pushing for a skate park has gotten a lot of support on social media.  The group also has received permission from residents across Casselberry to place yard signs on their properties that signal support for their effort.   

We first told you about the push for a skate park in Casselberry back in March 2015. 

Casselberry’s city manager says the consultant is asking residents what they would like to see included in the city parks system, but there are no definite plans to build one right now.

Danny says he’ll continue to join others in the push to get a skate park built, even if they don’t get it on the first try.

“As skaters we’re not afraid to fail. That’s why with this skate park we’re going to keep pushing, keep pushing to have it made,” said Miles.