A Flagler County business owner is seeking justice after one of her former employees is accused of stealing company credit cards and racking up over $40,000 in purchases.

The woman was arrested and bonded out less than a week ago, but the owner said the suspect doesn't deserve to be out of jail.

“April, $500, $100 and $200, she did it so small that I never would notice,” said Nancy Morea.  

Business has been steady for 13 years at Environmental Land Services as trucks come in to recycle and drop off loads. Owner Nancy Morea has her hands full with work. 

“We've giving our life to this. We don't have a lot personally. Everything is in the company, so working night and day, to do this means she took away what I'm working hard for,” said Morea. 

Morea said Clara Ann Smith, 40, worked for her and her husband as an administrative assistant until she was fired in February 2015. 

“Quick King $132.37.  What she spent when she was arrested,” said Morea. 

Morea says a surveillance picture was taken of who she said appears to be Smith using her company’s credit card.

According to a Flagler County Sheriff's Office report, a deputy said the store clerk told him ELS’ company credit card had been used several times for purchases more than $100 at the gas station.

Morea said Smith charged more than $40,000. 

“Kohl’s $613 on the 23rd, and CVS, Walgreens $374.82,” said Morea. 

“I feel violated. She used to enter all my bills so she knew where I went so she made it very hard for me to find it. I trusted her, yes,” said Morea. 

She said they trusted her as an employee for nearly 11 years. 

 “To see that people will take advantage of you like this is heartbreaking,” said Connie Policastro.  

Morea said she has no idea of how Smith allegedly stole the cards. But deputies said they had enough proof to book her in jail and now the small business hopes Smith will have to pay the price. 

“It's 459 counts for $40,000 and I want them added. Make sure she gets hers and she knows I want to actually make her an example so other people do not do this,” said Morea.  

News 13 has made several calls to Smith, but received an automated response which stated this caller is not accepting calls. Deputies said they are investigating and Smith could be facing more charges.