Three Volusia County middle school students are facing charges after spiking their teacher's soda, according to Volusia County Sheriff's Office.

During a hearing Saturday morning, a judge ordered the 12-year-old girls to remain in custody for the next few weeks.

The incident happened earlier this week at Deltona Middle School.

Deputies said one of the students was angry about being disciplined by her teacher, 52-year-old Jayne Morgan, and wanted revenge.

The student brought crushed red pepper flakes the next day. Deputies said one student distracted Morgan, while the other grabbed the soda and a third dumped in the red pepper flakes.

Morgan's throat immediately became hot and scratchy, deputies said. The teacher began to choke and experienced a shortness of breath. 

The teacher also suffered stomach pains that lasted into the evening, deputies said.

All three students were arrested Friday and taken to the Volusia Regional Juvenile Detention Center, in Daytona Beach. They each face felony charges ranging from poisoning to tampering with consumer products.