A man in The Villages who installs seat belts in golf carts says business has doubled after news of deadly golf cart accidents, including one on Saturday that killed two people. 

John Long, 65, owner of Seatbelts Installed, says in the last 2 years he has installed 1,200 seatbelts in golf carts throughout The Villages.

He says he started the business after a close call with his golf cart and his girlfriend.

"I hit a curb and I had to correct to the left and she started going out to the right and I was lucky enough to grab her by her wrist,” said Long.

Other Villagers say they feel safe enough without seatbelts in their golf carts.

"I'm a very defensive driver. I'm aware of the accidents and there's only so much you can do to avoid that,” said Richard Raeon.

The Sumter County Sheriff’s Office says golf carts are not required to have seat belts.

They say there were 17 golf cart crashes last year and 10 so far this year.

Last Sunday, two women were killed in a multi-vehicle crash involving the golf carts in The Villages.

For other Villagers, like Long's most recent client, installing seatbelts is all about safety. 

"Not only for us, but for the grandkids and that when they visit want to make sure they don't get ejected,” said George Webber.