City officials are keeping a close eye on an area where the ground began to sink and crack Thursday morning in Lake Mary.

  • Possible sinkhole in the city of Lake Mary
  • Area is at the corner of Lake Emma Road and Sand Pond Road
  • The area remains taped off as a safety precaution

The area is at the corner of Lake Emma Road and Sand Pond Road.

Alisa Hoskins, a manager at Central Florida Box, said she and other employees noticed the ground near their parking spots cracking as they arrived to work on Thursday.

"When they came in this morning, they noticed a pool of water," Hoskins said. "And then they noticed the ground seemed to be sinking in."

The city of Lake Mary has closed Sand Pond Road, where some of the asphalt has cracked into pieces in a turning lane. A city spokeswoman said Duke Energy cut the power to some utility poles that stand alongside the road in the impacted area.

"You can definitely see where the ground is sloped," Hoskins said. "It's not at its normal place, and you can kind of feel an incline."

A Lake Mary city spokeswoman said a team of geologists checked out the area on Thursday, and they will be back out at the site on Friday or over the weekend to run tests to determine if it's a sinkhole or if something else is causing the ground to move.

For now, the entire area is taped off as a safety precaution.

"We'll see what happens," Hoskins said. "We're hoping it just stays the way it is and doesn't get any worse."

Hoskins said she and her co-workers are trying not to get too worried.

"So, they're just like, 'We're lucky now, we have a pool in our front yard,'" she said.

(Jeff Allen, staff)