Four cars were stolen from a dealership in Osceola County, but it’s what the surveillance footage shows that still has employees talking.

“The guys parked a car across the street, a car that deputies told us was a stolen car from Orlando, then they crossed the street and put on the masks,” said Alejandro Amengual, Marvin Motors manager.  

Around 3:30 a.m. Wednesday,  four men were spotted at Marvin Motors in Kissimmee. Nearly two hours later, two BMWs, a Lexus and a Cadillac were taken.

 “The way they did it, it was very organized,” said Amengual.   

Amengual works at the dealership and can’t believe what he saw on the surveillance footage.

The footage obtained from the dealership shows an Osceola County sheriff’s patrol car driving past the business after someone from a bus stop called to report suspicious activity. The men spot the deputy and quickly hide behind the cars. The suspects later take those vehicles. About five seconds later, another patrol car drives right behind them.

 “Nobody got pulled over,” said Amengual.   

Officials at the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office said the agency is still reviewing the surveillance footage.

The office said this isn’t the first time the business has been targeted. A few months ago, someone was arrested for trying to take a car. Deputies told the business to stop putting keys in lockboxes. However, Amengual said that didn’t happen.

On Wednesday, deputies found four damaged lockboxes from the cars that were stolen.

Amengual said the business plans to stop putting keys in lockboxes now that they have been targeted again. He hopes deputies catch the suspects soon.

 “We don’t feel safe because sometimes we stay here by ourselves at nighttime,” said Amengual.