An online childen's clothing retailer based in Orlando has taken on an international mission.

“I ended up meeting a gentleman named Mark Palmer from Fashion Hope, and he was the one who introduced me to the horrors of human trafficking and what was going on in the world,” said Carolyn Bailey, founder of Treasure Box Kids.

The company's Little Maisha clothing line is created by former victims of human trafficking.

“We are preselling outfits from the Little Maisha line so that we can put women back to work as soon as the campaign closes,” Bailey said.

Bailey also has partnered with a nonprofit in Kenya that helps find women who need jobs or have been victims. They also make sure that labor laws are being followed.

If this campaign is successful, dozens of women will have jobs and be able to make a livable wage.

Bailey’s passion to help human-trafficking victims doesn’t end in Kenya. She also wants to help victims in Orlando: She hopes to open a shop in Orlando to make the clothes locally.

To find out more about Treasure Box Kids, go to their website.

The Indiegogo campaign runs through Feb. 12. Bailey has to raise $20,000 to manufacture the clothing line. To learn more, visit their Indiegogo page.