The City of Bunnell is preparing to build a new park and workout area right outside city hall. But before they can start building, the land must be cleared out and one man is doing it all by himself.

Perry Mitrano said he doesn't mind working alone.

“Pretty good work. It's like being on a surf board for 5 days,” said Mitrano.

Instead of ripping waves, he and his grapple truck have ripped out six old and moldy portable classrooms that once sat behind city hall.

“We can handle it ourselves,” said Mitrano. 

Mitrano started the work in early December, but he said weather, some paperwork, and squeezing work in between his normal solid waste job delayed the process.

It’s been a 10 day total job by himself, that he said could have taken two days with an outside contractor. But Mitrano said his work saved taxpayers about $6,000. 

“This was a $12,000 plus demolition job,” said Mitrano.  

Once it's all done, the dirt will turn into a park equipped with exercise stations, a playground, and a butterfly garden.  

“I think it's great that someone take that initiative and do that. Anything for the kids to have somewhere to go,” said Mike Jenkins.  

Mitrano said all his hard work is worth it.  

“Happy to get rid of this eye sore but wait until you see what's comes. It's really going to be beautiful,” said Mitrano. 

The city manager expects the park to be completed no later than the end of the year. Mitrano said he should finish the job by Thursday. The park will be open to the public for free once it's completed.