The Orlando Police Department is taking the next step when it comes to preventing sexual assaults and violence in local bars.

Tuesday afternoon members of the Orlando Police Department launched BarTAB Orlando – a proactive approach to preventing sexual assaults that involve alcohol.

The event was at the Beacham in downtown Orlando. Officers taught bar staff how to use self-defense strategies to stand up against sexual harassment and assault.

Police instructors, members of Victim Service Center of Central Florida and University of Central Florida victim services all took part in the training.

“Just because you had a couple of drinks doesn’t mean you have to go out and be victimized," said Lui Damiani, executive director for the Victim Service Center. "So we’re trying to create an awareness and make sure that people come forward and take an active role, and trying to stave off a victimization from every happening.”

Future training events will take place in other locations around downtown Orlando and also bars near UCF.