A new pedestrian bridge has been installed in Kissimmee and it’s designed to attract a different kind of traveler in Osceola County.

Officials are already halfway done finishing the newest part of the highly anticipated 32-mile Shingle Creek Regional Trail, which spans from Kissimmee to Orange County.

“By putting this together as a bike path they are going to get an exposure to Osceola that will give our tourism a boost that is unique,” said Osceola County Commissioner Michael Harford.

For local businesses like Evolve Bicycles, this new trail may create new business opportunities. Right now Roger Robbins, the owner of Evolve Bicycles has to send serious cyclists out of the county to enjoy long trails.

“Having something like a 30 mile trail system that’s very close to us and I think it will be great for local tourists,” Robbins said.

He believes this new trail will not only be a great opportunity for locals, and tourists looking to do something outside, but hopes it brings cyclists from all over the country.

“It’s great for cyclists and other local business because people are going to get tired and want to get a drink,” Robbins said.

Crews are expected to finish this part of the trail this fall. They hope to complete the entire trail over the next few years.