Images from the deadly shootings in Charleston, South Carolina in June are still fresh in the minds of many, including people here in Central Florida.

In Brevard County, staff members at the New Shiloh Christian Center in Melbourne found a truck on the church's property wrecked and written on with the words "Charleston 2."

It was the third time the church was vandalized since February.

The church bistro was also ransacked, with shattered glass left all over the floor. Fire extinguishers were sprayed, and footprints were left behind from the vandals.

"They came back into the foyer area, and the flower that was sitting up was down on the floor," said Bishop Jacquelyn Gordon. "A portrait of myself and my husband, they took out of the main foyer and left it on the floor."

Gordon said the scariest part was finding her husband's truck spray painted with the words "Charleston 2." The vandals smashed the windows and ruined the side mirrors.

"They actually drove the vehicle into the pond, and the truck was submerged underwater," said Lashaunda Edwards, Gordon's daughter. "The doors were wide open, and glass was just everywhere."

"Each time we are told it is not a hate crime, and we are not being targeted, but why is it that it has happened to us three times?" Gordon pondered. "There are other churches in this area. We are not the only ones."

Earlier this year, vandals set fire to a storage room at the church and spray painted swastikas on a storage unit shed. The damages cost $5,000. Gordon said she didn't know yet much Sunday's vandalism would end up costing.

"Each time this happens to us, it costs us money that we don't have trying to develop our property," Gordon said. "Over and over again, we are spending money behind someone else's foolishness, and that is just not fair."

Gordon said security officers are at the church when people are there, but now she plans to have security on the property 24/7.

Melbourne police ruled the last two acts against the church were not hate crimes. They were later deemed the act of kids. The police department is investigating Sunday's incident. 

If you would like to help the church recover from the damage, you can go to