Sexual assault on college campuses has recently become a major topic of conversation.

New numbers from the Washington Post-Kaiser Family Foundation poll show more students may be victims than previously recorded.

Thousands of student leaders were in Orlando Saturday to figure out what can be done on their respective campuses.

"This is not an issue that is going to go away overnight so we need young people to stand up and say they care about it and they want to change things," said Rebecca Kaplan with the "It's On Us" Campaign explained.

Kaplan has been working with the "It's on Us" campaign since it launched in September of 2014. She told us they are focused on ending sexual assault on campus. New numbers claim it affects one in five women on campus and one in 16 men on campus.

Now local advocates hope those numbers begin to stimulate more conversation at local college campuses.

Local advocates hope more people start talking about assaults on campus.

"What I really hope that people take away is that people recognize that sexual assault is happening on college campuses," said Joellen Revell of the Victim Service Center of Central Florida.

For students, and former student leaders who still work closely with local universities, the conference provided a chance to find out how they can help.

"The rape culture needs to be switched. So that the new normal allows the survivors to feel comfortable to feel supported and to feel that it's not their fault," said USF Alumni Grace Jean-Pierre.