An Orange County attorney said an Orlando K-9 officer used excessive force against his client.

The client, a 12-year-old boy accused of breaking into a school, was badly mauled by the police dog. One week ago, three teens, who we are not naming due to our Crime Guidelines, were caught after police said they broke into Shingle Creek Elementary School.

When officers arrived on the scene they spotted the teens on school property. Police said they ordered them to stop and get on the ground. Two complied, one allegedly did not. That’s when the police dog took the boy down, with devastating results.

Attorney Bradley Laurent said an Orlando K-9 officer went too far during an arrest of his client, who just turned 13 on Friday. There are several bite and tear marks up the boy’s arm.

“It shouldn’t have happened," Laurent said. "No matter what they were doing in terms of being on the property, that didn’t warrant harming anyone.”

The official police report said several officers were at the scene creating a perimeter to catch the suspects. Still, the K-9 was deployed. Laurent questions why.

“I would imagine that they have enough training to restrain a 12-year-old. I don’t see why it would be necessary to release a dog. A dog that you know is going to cause some serious injury,” Laurent said.

We've has learned the items recovered from the alleged theft were miscellaneous school supplies.

The boy's attorney said the teen may suffer permanent scarring from the attack.

We reached out to Orlando Police for their side of the story. They declined to comment.