An Osceola County woman accused of threatening to hire a hit man to kill Florida Gov. Rick Scott has now been charged with threatening to kill President Barack Obama.

Ruba Khandaqji, of Celebration, was indicted Thursday, the Department of Justice said.

Khandaqji, 37, made headlines after the Florida Department of Law Enforcement said she called the Osceola County Sheriff's Office in late March and made threatening remarks, saying she wanted to be deported to her native country of Jordan.

"I'm going to hire a hit man and kill whomever I can kill," Khandaqji told the dispatcher. "Why? Because it will deport me to my homeland directly."

"Your trash governor is torturing me here," she continued. "I'm forced to live here. I hope that this call is recorded. Pass it to your governor. Tell him she is hiring a hit man."

Federal prosecutors said when investigators went to arrest Khandaqji, she reiterated her threats against Gov. Scott, and also said she wanted to kill the president.

If convicted of making threats against the president, Khandaqji faces a maximum of five years in federal prison.