Acclaim Academy's charter school in Orange County is closed, after months of questions by school district officials over its operations.

It's the latest Acclaim Academy location to close. The location in Osceola County closed last month. The location in Duval County will close its location on Friday. The Acclaim Academy website has also been suspended.

Acclaim Academy was a military-style charter school. The Orange County site operated out of a former Super Target store on West Colonial Drive. In doctuments provided by Orange County Public Schools, Acclaim Academy violated several state statutes, including statutes regarding finances.

A school district spokesperson said Acclaim Academy Orange had just under 200 students. While the district had served the school a 90-day closure notice, Acclaim Academy closed the Orange County location before the 90 days were up.

The school district is encouraging parents to either send their children to a public school, go to another charter school, or sign up for virtual school.

In Osceola County, the state chose not to renew the charter school after two years of failing state grades. The charter school company announced it was closing its school in March, before the end of the school year. The district is currently operating the school so students can finish out the year.

We reached out to Acclaim Academy and left message. Acclaim Academy is a corporation with an office in Boynton Beach. It ran charter schools in four Florida counties.