News 13 is uncovering questions about donations taken by a former serviceman from Volusia County who plans to walk across the country.

Leonard "Mac" McQuown said he is walking to gather stories from veterans for a book. He and his companion set off at noon Monday from Daytona Beach, hoping to reach California by this time next year.

But along with raising the American flag, McQuown has been raising eyebrows with his previous walks.

Last year, 2½ years into his first nationwide trek, McQuown angered some veterans who said he was collecting money for his own benefit. One even confronted him in 2014, calling him out on the steps of Louisiana's Capitol.

"He's a fraud," the veteran shouted in March 2014. "He's been asking for money from citizens to fund his walk."

McQuown said he is not asking for donations because he is not an official charity, but he can accept gifts, adding the gift money goes to charity.

"We gathered $250. I didn't ask for the donations," McQuown said. "It was over a three-week period, and that money went to Raven's Outreach program in Baton Rouge."

Raven's Outreach Center sent News 13 a written statement saying McQuown made the donation, but hours later, he requested a refund.

McQuown admitted as much, but said he made a donation the charity did not accept.

When asked if there any veteran organizations he could name supporting his walk, McQuown said no.

Veterans are also fired up an because McQuown received an "other-than-honorable discharge" from the Marines.

"I went AWOL for 200 days," McQuown admitted. "I was young, and I wasn't thinking straight."

He also admitted he is being investigated by the FBI, IRS and other law enforcement across the country in connection with his walks. But McQuown said he has done nothing wrong, and will keep walking in the name of those who fought for freedom.

When asked what would happen with any proceeds if his book is published, McQuown said: "A book will be published, and it will go to the veterans."