The Bay area is home to Marvel comic’s newest super hero.

Now, the man behind the character is showing how he plans to protect the citrus industry.

Christian Spinosa, the man behind Captain Citrus, said he never thought he’d be the voice of a comic book character.

“Growing up as a kid I never expected I’d be the voice of a super hero, let alone the voice of a Marvel super hero,” Spinosa said.

The state handpicked Christian Spinosa to serve as the voice behind the comic book character because he’s a five-generation citrus grower and because he gets it.

“It’s an awesome opportunity for them to learn about the citrus industry and realize that there’s all this stuff in agriculture,” he said. “Their orange juice doesn’t just come from the grocery store, it actually comes from a grove and we have a Marvel comic super hero that helps protect those groves.”

The Florida Department of Citrus partnered with Marvel to create Captain Citrus.

The super hero helps educate kids about the importance of eating and drinking fruits and vegetables.

“It’s important because we know American kids are under consuming fruits and vegetables and they’re faced everyday with all sorts of choices and we wanted to provide an inspirational way to communicate with them the value of the industry and Florida Citrus,” Florida Citrus Industry’s Director of Public Relations, David Steele.

Captain Citrus also helps to fight one of the industry’s most dangerous villains, citrus greening.

“Greening is a huge disease that spread through our industry,” Spinosa said. “What it does is affects the tree. Kinda cuts the nutrients off from it. So as a grower we’re just having to kind of put more money more time into it and we’re losing fruit.

It’s a loss the billion-dollar industry can’t afford to take, which is part of the reason why the Florida department of Citrus partnered with Marvel comics to create Captain Citrus. Not to mention it’s just plain cool and healthy.

To see more of Captain Citrus you can pick up the comic books at certain schools and other locations. Or you can always visit to see what adventure he’s taking on next.