Clues of an ancient culture are being discovered on a piece of Brevard County land important during the Space Race era.

It’s leading some people in Cape Canaveral to push for a new park to preserve the land along the Banana River.

Volunteers and an archeologist have been able to find some pretty old artifacts, include a piece of pottery that could be more than 1,200 years old.

Project manager Ray Osborne says the Ais Indians used to live on the land.

Osborne wants to preserve some of this area, which is now up for sale by the property owner.

He’d like to build a park to tell the story of Cape Canaveral.

 “We want to make people aware of this ancient culture, they lived here for thousands and thousands of years,” said Osborne.

A house right next to the archeological dig site is also important.

It’s where John Glenn stayed right before his historic mission to space in 1962.

A sunset celebration is being held on the Banana River next Sunday, to raise money to purchase the land.