David Biggers' father opened up a roadside honey stand back in 1947 on Highway 100, just east of Palatka, in San Mateo, a few miles from the Flagler County line.

This was before the interstate system wove across the state and State Road 100 was one of the main highways to the beaches of the Atlantic coast.

In addition to raising bees and jarring honey, Calvin Biggers was an agricultural inspector for the state and had to inspect citrus around the region.

According to his son David, “he wasn't here all the time, so he put it on the honor system.”

Pick up a jar of honey with the price tag on top and put the money in a container. Pretty simple.

Calvin kept the system in place until his death in 1985.

That's when David took over and kept it in place to this very day. Sure, David said he's had some people just take a jar or two and not pay.

“I'm glad they did, they needed it worse than I did," David said. "That's their problem, not mine. Let 'em have it, you know? I hope they enjoy it.”

And then he's had a fair share of notes attached to money dropped in the box.

“Conscience bothers them or they got religious reasons, they, uh... sent me the money and made it right,” David said.

But one of his favorite notes came from a customer who told him he only had a $20 bill for an $18 jar of honey. The customer wrote "one of us is going to have to trust the other. It appears that you probably have more money than I do, so I'll owe you."

A couple of weeks later, that man put the $18 in the box.

This is a family operation through and through. David's wife helps stock the stand and a daughter can be found on this day bottling up some of the liquid gold.

He estimates he sells about 65,000 pounds of honey every year.

Years ago, another half dozen or so stands used to dot this part of the highway. Everything's gone now, expect for the honey stand. David said, honestly, he's still making money here because if he wasn't, he'd be doing something else.

The key to his longevity?

"Have faith in your customers, they'll have faith in you and they'll come back.”

And they do.

David has branched out to online sales as well. But you need to pay before the honey is sent to you.

The honor system can only go so far.