Internal affairs documents show two undercover Orlando Police drug detectives, who shot and killed one man and shot at another, have been disciplined before by the agency.

The shooting took place last week at the Palmas Altas apartments off Pershing Avenue in Orlando, after detectives say the two suspects were firing guns.

Officers confronted 37-year-old Izzy Colon and Ricardo Caban. Colon was killed. Caban remains at the Orange County Jail on charges of reckless display of a firearm and possession of a firearm.

According to the in the internal affairs documents News 13 uncovered, Detective Yong Hall has been with Orlando Police for 8 years and with the drug unit since last July.

He was part of another officer-involved shooting in Parramore in 2012

His use of force against a car theft suspect was justified by investigators. They said who said the suspect pointed a gun at officers and, fearing for his life, Hall fired three shots.

We’ve learned Detective Hall has been disciplined twice, including for being short $20 out of $112that was being placed into evidence.

He was also called out last year by then-Deputy Chief John Mina, who is now the chief of police, for what Mina considered excessive force for using a takedown technique Mina didn’t think was necessary.

However, Detective Hall’s takedown was ultimately approved by department standards and that case was closed and Hall was exonerated.

Meanwhile, Detective Amanda White has been with Orlando Police for six years and with the drug unit since last November.

Several complaints have been filed against White.  

In most cases, she has been exonerated, except one in February 2013, when her supervisor counseled her for not writing an incident report when she learned of an allegation of domestic violence during an unrelated traffic stop.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is still investigating last week’s officer-involved shooting. 

Detective White and Detective Hall are on paid administrative leave.