You've heard of dog shows, horse shows, cat shows, even snake shows -- but how about a skunk show?

The 27th Annual National Skunk Show happened Saturday in Kissimmee.

More than 50 skunks and their owners were in town for the show. The Florida Skunk Rescue League hosted the event, and skunks came dressed to the nines.

One person from Bradenton said she first got into skunks in college.

“They are quiet pets," said Stephanie Brunson. "They don’t bark or meow, or anything like that. And we weren’t supposed to have skunks in the dorm."

"They are very reclusive during the day," she added. "So that is helpful during room checks.”

Now we know what you're thinking: Pepe LePeu, right?

"In the U.S., the breeders have the scent gland removed before they ship them out to any pet shops or orders,” Brunson said.

  • We'll have more from the National Skunk Show, including the winner, on Sunday.