Owners of dogs deemed dangerous in Ormond Beach will now have to get $100,000 liability insurance coverage to keep their pets after an ordinance passed by the City Commission.

That's 100 times more expensive than the previous coverage requirement of $1,000, and dog owners in Volusia County are divided about the higher cost.

The city of Ormond Beach considers a dog dangerous after it has attacked a human once, or another domestic animal more than twice.

Before now, if owners of dangerous dogs — like one Ormond Beach resident who surrendered a pit bull Wednesday to Animal Control after the dog bit a teenager — would have to pay for just $1,000 in liability insurance coverage.

That changed Tuesday night.

"We found out that whenever a dangerous dog attacks somebody, the average medical bill is right around $40,000. So, $1,000 doesn't touch what's needed," said City Commissioner Troy Kent.

Commissioners voted Tuesday to change the ordinance to $100,000 liability insurance coverage up front.

"If they don't have it, they have to get rid of the dog, or they'd have to leave our community," Kent said.

Ormond Beach dog owners were split on the increase.

"I think they should increase it," said Sylvia Millar. "Too many people are getting bit by dogs."

"I think that's kind of ridiculous, from $1,000 to $100,000," said Rick Graeff. "That's kind of outrageous as far as I'm concerned."

Kent said city leaders want to make sure homeowners' medical bills are covered if attacked by a dog.